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Dr Arkopal K Goswami leads the Multimodal Urban Sustainable Transportation (MUST) lab at IIT Kharagpur. The research group comprises PG, Doctoral students and Project Researchers who have been engaged in research and consultancy projects since 2015. The group has collaborated with industry and academic research organisations and have published in some of the top peer-reviewed journals and also presented at work at national and international conferences


 The primary research areas of the group include Urban Transport Sustainability, Urban Travel Behavior, Seamless Integration of Urban Travel Modes, Active Transportation and Impact on Human Health, and Smart Management of Transport Infrastructure.


MUST lab aims to develop the next generation of transport infrastructure professionals, who would be equipped with a holistic understanding of the impacts of transportation on liveability. 


We are always looking for talented and motivated individuals to join our team. Please feel free to contact us for future opportunities.

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